Updated Blog!

To update/edit my blog, I changed the theme of it to make it more “user friendly.” As well as changing the theme, I added a new header. Additionally, I added widgets to my side bar.

Week 8

For my week 8 Activity, I visited student’s blogs from countries all around the world. It was very interesting to see the similarities and differences of our countries. On their posts I commented, “Hi, I’m Maxine and I live in America. I found learning about where you live very intriguing.”

Here’s the links to their blogs:







week 7 activity

Since I grew up with a family who loves animals and nature, I naturally fell in love with horses. In fact, I didn’t just love the animal, I fell in love with them. Whether is was caring for them, grooming them, or riding them, I wanted to do it. Thankfully, my mom was understanding of my need to be around horses, and she allowed me to take riding lessons. After a few months at the stables I rode at, I started volunteering to help out. It was truly an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.

Week 3 Activity 3

For this activity, I decided to ask my mom a few questions about her grandma. First, my mom told me about how her grandma lived in a guest house at her parent’s home for the majority of her life. Secondly, my mom shared stories about how her grandma would always make her and her siblings chocolate shakes and hangout with them in the weekday afternoons when my grandparents were at work. Lastly, my mom told me about my great-grandma’s personality. She said that my grandma was a very kind and giving person and that she had a big heart. My mom also informed me that her grandma was fun-loving and had a great sense of humor. All in all, my mom told me about how amazing my relative was.

Week 4: Activity 3

On Halloween, I typically spend my time with my friends and family. During the day, I hangout with my parents and sisters. We usually watch Halloween movies and bake cookies. We also get our house ready for the night. When the evening comes, I get ready and put on my costume. After the sun sets, my friends and I go trick or treating around the neighborhood!

Week 5: Activity 1

After reading NY Daily News’ article, “USA’s Favorite Summer Food” it becomes clear to me that as a country, America’s most popular food is  barbeques! Wether it is a hotdog, hamburger, or both, the U.S. loves it!

Week 5: Activity 3

Food Survey!

1. What is your favorite food?

2. What type of lunch do you take to school?

4. If you buy lunch at school, what’s your favorite food that they serve there?

5. If you could describe the fall season as a food or dish, what would it be?


Week 2: How to Comment on Posts

Commenting on someone’s post can be very fun and educational if done the correct way. Here are some tips on how to create a successful comment on a fellow blogger’s post:

1. Always ask thought-provoking questions! For example, ask questions that can start a conversation and can’t be answered with only a “yes” or “no.”

2. Leave meaningful statements about the topic of someone’s post.

3. If you disagree with someone’s opinion, don’t be too harsh while explaining that you don’t fully agree or understand what the blogger is stating.

I hope these few tips have helped!

Week 3: Family Fun

Although I always have a blast while being with my fun-loving family, one particular event was my favorite. During Spring Break last year, my mom and my two sisters wanted to go on a short, relaxing vacation. Since my sisters and I had never been there, my mom decided that going to Palm Springs would be fun. I had heard about it before and knew that it was very sunny and in the heart of the city, it was crowded with a lot of people. My mom had found a hotel that seemed to be very nice and located in a great spot of Palm Springs. After being excited  for weeks to go on a quick get-away with my favorite people in the world, the day to go finally came. Prior to the two and a half hour drive, my sisters and I looked at the pictures of the hotel on the website and all agreed that it was  a beautiful place. When we finally arrived in Palm Springs and were very close to our destination, my family started to become more and more excited. After pulling into the parking lot of our hotel, our excitement turned to disappointment. To all of our disbeliefs, the hotel was a dump! The outside of the building was old and the inside of the hotel was dusty and dirty. After seeing our room, my mom made the wise decision of asking to leave. Although this was a disappointing moment, my family didn’t let it get us down! We hunted for a hotel for about two hours and finally stumbled across a beautiful and luxurious resort. After checking in and settling into our very nice rooms, my family and I had the best time in Palm Springs!